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Five-Minute LMPs — Every five minutes PJM calculates LMPs for all buses. Prices for hubs, zones, interfaces and aggregates are calculated from these values. Weighted average prices for zones are also calculated.

Hourly Integrated LMPs * — Every hour PJM calculates an hourly integrated price for the previous hour for each aggregate based on an average of the available five-minute LMPs for that hour.

Hourly Settlement LMPs * — Around noon, the previous day’s hourly settlement LMPs for all zones and aggregates are available. Exceptions to the “next day noon” timeframe occur for Friday and Saturday; these prices will be posted by noon on Monday. For weekday holidays, the prices usually will be posted around noon of the next PJM business day.

Day Ahead LMPs * - Day-ahead hourly LMPs are calculated for all buses, zones and aggregates by 4:00 p.m. every PJM business day. Day-ahead prices are posted every day of the year.*


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